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What is Double Chance type bet ?

As the name rightly states, you have the opportunity to double your chances of making a profit on your bet. It allows you to cover two of the three outcomes in a football game (1 X 2), with a single bet. As long as you have two areas to cover in your favour, the possibility of you losing is minimal. This is one of the advantages of using the double chance bet type. For disadvantages, one would be the drastically reduced odd. For example, if you have one team slated to win at odds of 1.89, and you use the double chance option, that odd would be sliced to around 1.19 - 1.28, depending on the team and the game itself.

Double chance betting simply means betting on 2 possible outcomes. It is represented thus: Betting on a team playing at home to win or draw (not to lose), Betting on the away side to either win or draw while avoiding defeat, and the third side is selecting the middle ground where either the home or away team wins (a draw will mean you lose the bet). With such selections, you're guaranteed a profit at leat 65 percent of the time.

Betting on Double Chance

To bet on this type, you have to closely observe matches, but thanks to the two outcomes at your disposal, you won't have more of a hard time. Although, you still need a top prediction site like Forecastr to help you locate safe and sure tips. To place your bet, the values on bookie sites are usually represented as 1X for home to win or draw, 12 for either side to win, and X2 for the away side to draw or win.

In a sport like football with so many unpredictable matches, Forecastr helps you out with sure tips to bet on double chance. You'll have the double chance today options on double chance for today's games, tomorrow options, should you want to book ahead of time, and also predictions for the weekend. This shows you how committed Forecastr is to help you make profit on your bets. A positive to it is you can back the underdog team especially if they've managed to string up some good results before meeting a 'bigger' team. For example, you could back RB Leipzig at X2, away to Bayern Munchen. A draw will be a realistic outcome since you don't trust them enough to win. Again, you could make various combinations to add more odds to your double chance selection.